Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hyphen Magazine's 6 Year

I want to start of by thanking Hyphen Magazine for allowing me to participate in this amazing event and give a shout out to my friend Andrea for refering me to this event, and Lianlian for actually setting me up for the event and also Alex Chiu, one of the artists that was there as well, check his stuff out it's really great work:
I was nervous for the first 10 minutes but soon felt relaxed after overhearing people give positive feed back which in turn gave me a confidence boost. i do regret not having some makeshift business cards though :( but it was all fun and i had a blast! There were 2 rooms going at once and the music and whole vibe and turnout was incredible. There was a mini-contest and a fashion show of what looked like lingerie by Vintage Joy: check her stuff out it was really impressive.
What was really cool and i gushed over was a projection on a huge wall with one of my digital pieces and my and Alex's names on it, i was gonna take a pic but was too late :( but still it was bad ass seeing my name on a huge wall. Anyways, I hope to do something like this again soon because it was super amounts of fun, and it was a very humbling experience.