Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Save Yourself

11x17 board 2hrs
Acrylic paint, wax pencil, Sharpie & spray paint
I like doing these, they give me a chance to experiment with different techniques and styles.
Enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wet The Day

Kind of a bad image, once i get my scanner working again, I'll update this. In this painting is Jessica, she's a very pink gal :)
Title was taken from a song by the band The Album Leaf. I was listening to them while doing this and it seemed appropriate.
11x17, watercolor, spray paints & wax pencils

Sunday, April 4, 2010


What an awesome time!
My 2nd year going and i had a really awesome time. I went with my cousin Jaime (you can check his work out here: http://jaimeramirezart.blogspot.com/ ) also I ran into my other cousin Saul (you can check out his work here: http://saulruiz.blogspot.com/ )

On top of seeing the amazing costumes and lovely people that are as eager as you, if not more eager, i got to see a ton of AMAZING artists and writers and Jaime and I got to meet and talk with a hand full of them!!! I got a ton of autographs in my black book, more than last year. The only ones I was disappointed that I didn't get were Adam Hughes (http://www.justsayah.com/ ) who I was told didn't show up for the Saturday part of the Con, AND David Finch (http://www.dfinchartist.com/ ) who was super crowded with fans and he was doing commissions and I would've felt like a dick cutting in front of everyone to get his autograph, but i saw him draw for a bit which was a treat in in itself.

The people posted above are just SOME of the amazing talents we got to meet. LOU FERRIGNO!!! at the very top, the funniest story ever with a famous person, that Jaime and I ever experienced. Jaime's camera was dying just as Lou was getting ready to pose, so Jaime flustered and rushed to grab more batteries out of his bag, Lou was kinda impatient and said "could you please hurry up, there are other people waiting" NOBODY WAS BEHIND US! HAHAHA!!! kinda messed up of him to say but funny to us after the fact. Anyways Lou had a Polaroid camera, handed it to me to take the picture of Lou and Jaime. Freakin camera cut off 1/2 of Lou's head! WTF HAHAHA!!! so we got Jaime's camera working again and just took video of both of them kinda posing and flexing. the best like 10 minutes ever with someone famous. good times.
Ok now back to naming names, the lovely and very kinda Nei Ruffino :iconbakanekonei: (http://bakanekonei.deviantart.com/) second after Lou, and was very kind to sign my book, also side note, Nei if you're reading this, i'm the guy who's book you signed :) haha you told me to do it, so i did it!
Next is a really awesome artist we met as we were leaving Fangling Lee (http://fanglinglee.com/) she had an awesome collection of work and she was super cool.
Next was my defeat and not getting to really meet David Finch :(
Then we have Alvin Lee :iconalvinlee: (http://alvinlee.deviantart.com/ ) can't really see his face since he was so nice and did a quick Akuma sketch in my book and signed it!
Finally Mr. Frank Cho!!! We caught him as he was leaving his table and he was really awesome, signed my book and let me take a quick picture. We later caught up with him and I got a signed sketchbook of his.

Other honorable mentions who's photo's we didn't get:
David Mack http://www.davidmack.net/(whom we saw last year but thought it would be rad to say hi again)
Bobby Chiu http://imaginism.deviantart.com/ (whom we also saw last year and chatted with him for a while)
and many many other independent artists and companies that we saw.
Next year should be really fun, i still want to go to San Diego Comicon and conquer that!
until next time, Enjoy :)