Monday, September 20, 2010

Asleep in Love

15x20 Acrylic wash and ink. I used this as practice for the peices I did for "Life Comes in Pairs"

Life Comes in Pairs - Outlines

These are the outlines in ink for my pieces "Life Comes in Pairs" A show I did in Las Vegas, NV at Blackbird Studios (formerly Place Gallery). I showed on 9/3/10 and it was my first show. I was very hapy with the turn out and I'm thankful to have been lucky enough to show with great people and enjoy it with amazing friends.
Titles of each peice from top to bottom:
Waking to Her Love - Love
Lone Wolf, Lone Girl - Hate
A Life to Ponder - Life
Death Lives in a Snake Pit - Death
Wasted Years - War
Adrift at Peace - Peace
The themes range in 6 basic pairs that are essential in life, whether it be all internal on a personal level or external on a more global level. Symolism of animals, flowers and plants all coinside with each peice. More pictures to come.
Enjoy :)