Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sketchbook Dump 2K15 Vol. 2


Marti - ink wash

ink wash/watercolor

Francesca - graphite

Natasha Lillipore - @lillipore  -watercolor
Charles Bukowski - acrylic ink

Charles Bukowski - graphite

Mayra Ramirez aka @hellabreezy  -graphite

Jessica - graphite

Rhiley - graphite

Maricella - graphite
Here are some more scans from my moleskine sketchbook, as well as a few random drawings on water color paper that I did during #inktober

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sketchbook Dump 2K15 Vol 1.

micron pen

Amliv Sotomayor - @_amliv   -graphite/acrylic paint

Shanti Suicide - colored pencil

Verronica Kirei - @verronica_  -colored Pencil

Elvira - copic marker/ink/colored pencil

Lo Pan of Big Trouble in Little China - graphite

Marz Leon - @marzleon  -graphite
Jenny - graphite

I've been meaning to post some of these in a better quality for some time. I hope you Enjoy!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Still Lifes

Barnburner II - 10x10 graphite on Bristol

Barnburner I - 12x12 oil on canvas
Bianchi - 10x10 oil on circle canvas

Bubblegum - 12x12 oil on canvas
Sunday Afternoon - 10x14 oil on linen

Lucha - 9x12 oil on paper
Calavera 9x12 oil on paper

Hey everyone! Apologies for the inactivity lately, I've been busy on various projects. Hopefully you'll enjoy these paintings. These are all still life paintings I've done over the past several months and the Bianchi painting was in a show at Studio Gallery in San Francisco. I want to do more still life paintings soon since they can teach you a whole lot about proportion, value, color, perspective, etc. I highly suggest you try doing still life paintings whenever you can, it's a great challenge to paint or draw from life and a great way to help you improve your skills!