Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sketch 4 Sketch!!!!

HEY ALL! I went to the 'Sketch 4 Sketch' tour hosted at Upper Playground in San Francisco! It was on Saturday 5/8/10, I waited 5 HOURS!!! hahaha but it was really worth it! It was scheduled for 2pm to 5pm, I got there at 2pm and waited in a line about 100+ people, I left at around 7:30 or so. The artists were so awesome to keep going even after the scheduled time. Luckily while I waited, I made a friend in line, she gave me some string cheese, it was delish! the rest of the people were super chill and really awesome. There were originally 4 artist: Alex Pardee, David Correia, Nate Van Dyke and Jeremy Fish, unfortunatley, Jeremy Fish had prior obligations and left at 5:30. I had met Nate Van Dyke in December one night in SF and ran into him, it was pretty insane!

The sketches (clockwise) Nate Va Dyke, David Correia, Alex Pardee

I gave up 3 sketches to get these 3 sketches: 'Save Yourself' to David, 'Deep Sea Blues' to Alex and 'Teething' to Nate

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